World Warnings

End of the World

God did not make this world the way it is.
He made a great world for us and gave humans a choice.
Sin made it like it is, and sin will be its demise.

The End of this world is going to take place in one of three distinct years between the years 2450 AD and 2700 AD.

The exact year of the three will only be clarified by comparing Bible prophecy to world events as they progress.

But at this time, the three distinct years are known and proven by Chapter and Verse of Bible prophecy.

For the full proof, read this webpage as an introduction; then read the two documents at the links below.

Note: It is about a small book's worth in total. If you take the time to read fully, you will be rewarded.

If you find this hard to believe or are unsure about proceeding, simply bookmark this page for now.

Thank you.


This world will not end by a world war, an asteroid, a virus, a natural disaster, a specific man-made disaster, or any of the other typical events people imagine.

And it's not that some (or even all) of these things won't occur between now and the time of the End, and be extremely devastating to life on the planet, even significantly reducing the Earth's population by their cumulative effects.

It's just that these types of events will not cease ALL human life on the planet.

No, this world will only end in one way - when Jesus returns to get His own, the Saved, away from it.

Between now and then, by man's own choosing, the world will continue to get worse and worse in sin until there is finally no one else who will repent and come to God in Faith to be Saved.

"And as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man: They ate, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all. Likewise as it was also in the days of Lot: They ate, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they built; but on the day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all. Even so will it be in the day when the Son of Man is revealed." - Jesus in Luke 17:26-30 (NKJV)

Thus, prior to Jesus' Return, the world will again be as it was in the days of Noah. (And the days of Lot were similar.)

Yes, the people of the world in Noah's day ate and drank and married, but their destruction was brought about by their spiritual condition that also reflected in the rest of their behavior, which is clearly defined in the Bible as the reason for the Flood: "Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually." - Genesis 6:5 (NKJV)

This present world might not have fully returned to that same spiritual condition yet, but anyone can see that as bad continues to outweigh and outpace the good almost everywhere around the Earth, this world gets closer by the day.

It's not that sin didn't exist throughout history; it did. But even amidst the sinful world, there was always a remnant of True Believers in God's Word who were receptive to God's Way in Spirit and in Truth, as shown by their changed lives. After all, True Believers repent of sin and no longer contribute to its increase in the world. (They are not like the many hypocrites who say "Lord, Lord" and continue to practice lawlessness.)

True Believers also share God's Word of Love and Truth in a trustworthy manner with others, of whom a small number become New Believers, who mature into True Believers, thus continuing the cycle which, since the time of Noah, has always assured there are still some on the Earth who are willing to be Saved.

But the always-small stream of New Believers gradually reduces as the sin in the world increases.

Even so, since Noah, the sin of the world, while much, was not far-reaching enough to overwhelm the entire Earth where people lived and completely deplete the New Believer stream. And occasionally, small pockets of Revival even helped to replenish it. There was always at least some New Life somewhere in the world.

But starting a couple of centuries ago and continuing up through the present day, new technologies used in ways that have not been beneficial to human life have instead enabled such an overwhelming volume and degree of sin to persistently reach into almost every place on the Earth where people live that we are now past the point of no return.

Yes, there will be some New Believers here or there, in this place or that, until the End. But while they may be Saved, their number will not counteract sin's inertia in this present world, or the overall trend of decline in the New Believer stream until it is completely gone.

(Again, we are talking about New Believers who become True Believers... those who give up willful sin by worshipping God in the Truth. They are few. We are not talking about the multitude of others who follow the existing "beast" (Catholic) church to perdition, along with its harlot daughter (Protestant) churches who never really left the mother harlot. The mother harlot can be spotted by comparing her commandments-of-men to God's Commandments, and noticing she has attempted to change the times and Law, specifically Commandments 2, 4, 9, and 10 (notably because she wants her followers to be idolatrous, and to keep her "sabbath" instead of the Bible Sabbath). And not to be outdone by the mother, the harlot daughters mostly ignore God's Commandments altogether ! The mother harlot can also be spotted by her many other adulteries if one is willing to get a Real Bible and actually read it, beginning with the Four Gospels of Jesus Christ - Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John - and comparing what Jesus says to what a church actually does, starting with the costumes their leaders wear, the titles with which they refer to themselves, and the fact that no man stands in God's or Jesus' place on the Earth. In this sinful and adulterous world, it is no exaggeration to say that the devil's "false image" of Christianity is the extreme vast majority of it, while True Christianity - consisting of those who keep the Commandments of God and the Faith of Jesus Christ (Revelation 14:12) - is a tiny minority of it. It is not God's Will that so few are His and so many "worship the beast"; it's the choice of those who choose image over substance... the vast majority who find it easier to speak a lie than to live in the Truth.)

So, we are now past the tipping point, and it is just a matter of time until the End, which is prophesied.

But truly, what did we expect would happen as people, businesses, and nations have continually chosen to misuse rapidly increasing technologies in many sinful ways over many years and decades ? It isn't what we do right that needs correcting, after all; it's willfully ignoring what is wrong in sin that leads to destruction.

Has no one noticed the corresponding increase in selfishness, covetousness, and greed; in lies and deceit; in thefts and usury; in murders, violence, hatred, and disrespect; in gossip and slander; in self-righteousness, pride, and self-exaltation; in adulteries, lust, lewdness, and perversions; in the destruction of proper family structures; in blasphemies, the abuse of God's Name, and abuse of God's True Sabbath; in every form of immaturity and idolatry, including worship of money, people, culture, and self; and even in the very destruction of the Earth ?

Has no one noticed the corresponding increase in thanklessness to God for giving us our planet, our lives, our daily bread, our free will and power of choice to not only cease willful sin but to choose well instead, and to also be forgiven of our sins through Jesus Christ, His Son, whom He also gave to us ?

(And if we say we have noticed the many sins of the world, have we hypocritically noticed only in regard to "other people"; or have we ourselves, by Love for God and others, repented and turned from all such sin ?)

Again, what should the world expect as the Creator's Will has been continually ignored, and even hated ?

It's not too hard to know. We reap what we sow, and increasing amounts of it.

"For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind..." - Hosea 8:7 (NKJV)

And as the bad things increase, the good things - Faith, repentance, forgiveness, Love, mercy, kindness, humility, decency, modesty, wisdom, patience, self-control, perseverance, selflessness, respect, sharing, honesty, cooperation, good health, justice, peace, knowledge of Truth, and gratitude to God - decrease.

And as the good things continue to decrease around the Earth, the New Believer stream will also continue to dry up. Finally, when there are no more New Believers to be found, all there will be is selfishness and sin.

At that point, which is now in view and not too far away, it will be just "as in the days of Noah".

And that is when Jesus will return to gather the True Believers, the Saved, who are still alive on the Earth at that time, along with the Saved who are asleep in the grave, to take them back with Him to Heaven; and the rest will be destroyed.

So yes, this world will end. But it won't end according to speculation and guesses about this war or that disaster, as terrible as those things might be. It will end according to the Word of God that foretells it.


If you want to learn more about the only three possible years when this world will end according to Bible prophecy, then invest the time to read carefully the rest of this webpage and its two documents in order. Be assured, you will be rewarded. It is safe, reasonably simple, and shows full proof of exactly how Bible prophecy points to the only possible years of Christ's Return. Without the proof, how could anyone have confidence in the result and its Truth ? Therefore, it takes some time to read. But once you know the End of this world, you will never be the same again.


Now, those who read the rest of this webpage all the way through with purpose and patience, including the two documents it contains, will find Treasure.

As for the others... they will be too anxious to find the Truth.

Bible Prophecy

Bible prophecy is, first and foremost, even more proof of God's all-knowing, all-powerful, all-Loving, all-Truthful, all-seeing, and all-foreseeing Presence.

Yes, the universe and existence of every precious thing God has created to sustain life from the beginning and Eternally should be enough to show His Love for us, but our God is much more generous than that. That He would provide us with His Word, His Spirit, and His Son, even on the Cross for the forgiveness of sins for those who Love Him and keep His Word... the addition of these things should be more than enough, but our God is still more generous than that. Indeed, we have a God who also seeks to help us by revealing to man the secrets He knows ahead of time.

Simply put, God has foreknowledge - of what man will do and what He will do. But let it be known that God's foreknowledge of what man will do is not the same thing as predestination. God can see the end from the beginning, true, but He has never removed free will from His beings, and He never will, for He knows that one's Love can only be True when there is a choice. God is looking for those who choose to Love Him, and choose to keep His Word.

Did God hope mankind would NOT choose sin ? Yes.

Did God have a plan of Salvation ready for the individuals who Love Him, in case mankind did choose sin ? Yes, from the foundation of the world.

Even today, God always hopes we will not sin, and instructs us in the Ways of Righteousness to accept His Plan of Salvation. But God is not fooled or unprepared when people choose against Him.

First, God provides the Way to Salvation; then He helps safeguard His children's Salvation with prophecy, making them aware of what is happening in the world and why. And not only that, God also gives prophecy in such a way that it seems like foolishness to unbelievers, so that prophecy itself will not alter the free-will behavior of those who do not believe Him. God is wise !

Moreover, when we come to learn just how much prophecy God has revealed to us in the Bible, and that all of it with a completion date earlier than right now has been fulfilled just as written, we need no further proof that the relatively small amount of prophecy yet to be fulfilled will surely come to pass just as God says it will.

This is not to say that the remaining Bible prophecy yet to be fulfilled is of small degree. On the contrary, the very end of this present Earth is revealed !

Below we'll look at two wonderful prophecies in the Word of God - one that has already been fulfilled, and one that is yet to be fulfilled. They are separate but related, as you will see, and were given by God through Angels to His prophet Daniel, whom Jesus even points to during His own revelations of prophecy. Like many prophecies, these two were given hundreds and even thousands of years prior to the events they describe. Such prophecies are often like a puzzle that can only be completed over many years, because one or more world events might need to take place before the next puzzle piece can be seen in the proper light. As the centuries pass, and piece after piece is gathered, the pieces eventually begin to fit together, gradually bringing the entire picture into view. Truly, God gives certain such prophecies in a way that the final picture can only be fully clarified in God's intended timing, but that doesn't preclude early interest from forming before all the pieces are gathered. As long as it's not by pride or self-righteousness, it's okay if God's children sincerely take an interest in a prophecy that still has some hidden clues. Wouldn't God rather see that than disinterest or unbelief ? Of course. After all, it's the vigilant few who are guided by the Holy Spirit and attentive to God's Word whose efforts along the way can help as a basis for further clarity to others in the future. Finally, one day, if all have done their part, and all the pieces needed for clarity have been received, the final picture and its proofs can reach many others as God intends, and in enough time to enable proactive change, including repentance leading to Salvation for any who would receive it.

But please, let's keep prophecy in perspective - knowing and doing what Christ teaches is much more critical to Salvation than knowledge of prophecy. (Please click here, "An Open Letter", for more on having a right relationship with God and Jesus.) That's because if we are not Walking according to Jesus' teachings regarding Faith, repentance, forgiveness, and the keeping of God's Commandments by Love for God and others, it won't matter how much prophecy we know. Yes, a person might first become interested in God and Jesus through Bible prophecy, but there's little point to only knowing prophecy if we won't be going with Jesus when He returns !

But even Christ teaches prophecy, as it is an important element God uses to draw us deeper into His Word, to teach us even more. Why ? Because God and Jesus are very protective of Their own. They know that those who are prepared for what's going to happen on the Earth are less likely to be deceived by anything in the future as things begin to happen, and will be more at Peace in the present in their knowledge of the Truth. In this way, prophecy helps to solidify one's Walk with God; the Parent protects, and the child is less vulnerable and more assured, knowing what to look for.

And as noted above, prophecy is further proof of who God is, as we learn of the things He has declared that have already come to pass, and also of the things He has declared that we can see being fulfilled in the world, right now, in front of our very eyes. In this way, prophecy always helps to energize one's Faith, in amazement of who God actually is and what He is able to do. And sometimes, yes, it is this aspect of prophecy that encourages newcomers to want to learn more of their incredible Creator, thus serving as a door by which former unbelievers enter to come to Christ, leading to repentance and a relationship with God. Surely, by His Love, God is willing in all these ways and more to meet all the needs of those who seek the Truth, each one receiving the perfect answer in His Word, the Bible.

Regarding the discussions of the two Bible prophecies mentioned earlier, their links are below. They are .pdf documents. If your browser or device does not have a .pdf reader installed, you can also save the files to your device and open them with a free online .pdf reader.

Please note: It is important to read the first document all the way through before beginning the second.

(1) Prophecy Study of Jesus' First Appearance - A review of Jesus' First Appearance on the Earth, and how it was fulfilled in time to the exact year.

(2) Prophecy Study of Jesus' Return - A review of Jesus' Return to this Earth in the clouds above. It will literally be an Earth-shattering event ! In this review, you will also learn how the prophecy for the timing of Jesus' Return is an exact parallel of the timing of His First Appearance on the Earth. If you are willing to read, you will find out in step-by-step detail that the End of this world is going to take place in one of three distinct years between the years 2450 AD and 2700 AD. The exact year of the three will only be clarified by comparing Bible prophecy to world events as they progress. But at this time, the three distinct years are known and proven by Bible prophecy and history, as you can find out for yourself.

Once you have read those two, we're at the end, my friend !

Truly, if you made it this far and have read the two documents above all the way through, you are one of the rare few who are willing to persist so diligently for the Truth contained in God's Word. Of course, you might find yourself in a state of shock for a while as the Truth of these prophecies sinks in, but that's okay. Just pray and ask God to confirm it all for you, and the Holy Spirit will point you back to God's Word to help you accept the undeniable evidence over time. From there, be Blessed with your newfound discovery, and don't forget to share the exciting Truth of the Bible with others !

For the few who want to read even more of True and unhypocritical Christianity, based on the Bible and not the traditions of men, there are these:

(1) An Open Letter

(2) Applying the Bible to Life

(3) The Heart of Jesus' Message (a .pdf document)

(4) God's Simple Solution (a .pdf document)

Thank you. And please know you are Loved and always welcome here !